“Through integrity and knowledge and above all commitment to earning our clients trust we become the advisers of choice for every person seeking financial security”


The team at DMA Financial Strategists welcome clients and staff of Metaplanners Wealth Advisers.

“We feel that we are an excellent fit for Metaplanners clients. Our focus is to build strong lasting relationships based on a deep understanding of the individual, family or business needs. We then find solutions that are tailored and customised to specific needs – it is not a one size fits all model. The addition of Divya and Andrew from Metaplanners to our professional team provides strength, knowledge and continuity to your individual relationships. I look forward to meeting all of you over the coming period and with Divya will work to ensure a smooth transition and demonstrate the benefits of having a larger focussed, knowledgeable team to achieve the best results for you. We value direct feedback and client interactivity so please don’t hesitate to call or contact regarding any issue”.

David Myers
Managing Director and Private Client Adviser

Specific Advice

At DMA, you will discover that financial advice involves much more than just investing. We identify the life stage where you are now, and offer you specific advice to cover your stated needs.


Holistic Advice

At DMA, we believe that financial advice is a complex, and highly personalised, subject. The way it should be done is to look at your current stage of your life, and where you want to be, and then establish a comprehensive strategy on how to get there.

Ongoing Support

We help you build, manage and protect your wealth in ways that you can understand, and value. Through our ongoing support program, we help you make smart, informed financial decisions along the road to financial security.


Gain an insight into your goals and current situation 


Protect what you value and prevent you from going backwards


Develop strategies to achieve accelerated wealth


Achieve financial freedom and the lifestyle you planned for